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One for the boys/girls! (Dollarbie).

Thanks to info from one of my friends, YES I haz them, check these out.

The note she dropped me is about a shop called Yasum.  It turns out that now there is going to be a regular “Smiley face” Dollarbie gift set out for group members.  These boots are the women’s Dollarbie and you get this longer style pair and a pair which come just to your calf.  Only in a Maitreya fit which I did struggle with but you will find these with the full priced boots and probably a demo if you want to make sure they will fit you.

What you will be looking for is a bright yellow “smiley” face and it’s right next to the 1 item which has been reduced.  So that’s the women’s gift and this isn’t the men’s gift lol.

There IS a smiley face next to what looks like a top quality mens top but I found this and a couple of other Dollarbies up in the “outlet department”.  This jacket comes with a few options ie shirt on/off and maybe sizes, I’m rushing this post as I need to pee and I’m hungry, but I do know you get a really good hud which allows you to change the jacket/shirt and even the lining of the shirt and all of that for one single Ld.

PS.  Use the TP in the floor to get to the outlet section and when I’ve pee’d and ate I might just add an update.