Blogging SL


It’s almost become a tradition that I do a link to a video called “How to be alone” by Andrea Dorfman, in this video she recites a poem she wrote….NO do not let the fact it’s a poem put you off listening to it!  As someone who reads voraciously for some reason, poetry usually bores the T*ts off me but the words she says gets right to your heart and the whole point of her poem is to let you know it’s actually pretty bloody awesome to be on your own or even if you’re with someone and surrounded by people then even just wanting to be on your own is equally as awesome.

I can’t put the link in but go to youtube and type “How to be alone” by Andrea Dorfman and no matter if your surrounded or on your own take heart from her inspirational words.

Over the past year, I’ve had a chance to talk to a few of you lot and what an interesting bunch we are.  The thing is not everyone SL’s to make up for something lacking in their RL’s but at the same time a lot of people SL to make up for what is lacking in their RL’s and it’s up to us how we use SL.

So basically I hope that last year was good for you/me and us but DAMNIT I want next year to be F**KING AMAZING.