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I’m Over(all) it. (Dollarbies & sale).

Christmas is being shoved away in the attic as I type, by my OH, so I’m taking a break and I wanted to show you this.

The MH Unique Design shop has a sale on and everything is 100Lds, the group is also 100Lds to join but this only cost me 1Ld to snag and it’s really nice. I’ve just used the sim setting so you can see the zingy yellow/orange colour because you do get a nice sized hud with it and normally I would have chosen the more muted beige which is nice but I actually like this colour as much.

Think about joining the group because for the initial investment of 100Lds to join the group there are a lot of what looks like really good group gifts and a lot of them as well.  I’m going to guess the newer ones are in the main entrance and this is also where you will find the Dollarbies on the wall but if you go into the big room on the right not only lots more gifts but a massive amount of Lucky Boards and some nice wins.

MH Unique Design The LM takes you to the middle of the shop and I think you turn around and like a panto, “it’s behind you”.

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