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Sparkle with me.(Freebies).

When I type “Vespertine” into my invent it explodes as I have so much not just bought from the main shop but picked up from events as she (Amelie Knelstrom) is pretty generous with gifts at events as well as in her shop. I’ve been a long fan of this shop and still have items purchased back when it first opened as this is the sort of stuff that stays as good looking now as it did when it was first created.

Anyhow, I not only went over to check out any new designs etc but to PAY to join the Vespertine group esp when I saw how many gifts there are out but guess what…FREE, it’s a FREE to join group and I would have bet it was a paid for group.  Obviously, it may have been once or I simply could be mistaken but who cares it’s FREE and there are a lot of FABULOUS Vespertine quality gifts.

That pile of boxes contain the gifts and lots of them contain more than one gift so if you don’t see anything you like (wtf is wrong with you, lol) still grab them because there is so much more than what is in this picture.  I didn’t open the Halloween items but again knowing the Verspertine quality grab them now because next year they will still be quality, heck in 10 years they will still be quality lol.

This small gift is a “Thank You” to us from Amelie. Even the gift box it comes in makes a lovely decor item let alone that domed cup.

Faith and I count ourselves lucky in that we not only have our own SL homes and a sim to play in because as much as we love dressing up we love to create homes that are an extension of our hopes and dreams and creators like Verspertine, Dust Bunny, Apple Fall, DaD etc and I use the shops names rather than the creators because of course often it takes a team not just an individual and I’d hate to start listing names and missing others out who really are part of the team.

PS.  I’m scrolling through all my Vespertine stuff and even I forgot she does also do builds, I didn’t spot them in the main shop but I may return to check them out…not that I need another build but you never know what’s been added to her stock.




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  1. I love to blog Vespertine products as they are so beautifully made, and you’re right – Amelie is such a generous designer!


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