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In the pink.(10Ld Dress & meniton of FREEBIES).

Meh! I cut my feet off which is a shame as you don’t often catch me all in pink and in this case my pink shoes even had pink pompoms.  The dress is the Teleporthub group gift and the 10Lds is to join the Teleporthub group and if you haven’t then do it, now!  Even if you don’t want this dress you may as well as it’s such a good group for getting good gifts.

OH em, I’m pretty sure this dress comes in Maitreya, SLink and SLink Hour Glass fits but check the board.

You will find this dress in the Wicca’s Wardrobe shop but not with that shop’s other group gifts.  The Wicca’s Wardrobe group costs 99Lds to join and there are 2 newer gifts in the entrance but walk behind that display as that is where you can find the older group gifts which may tempt you.

Once I’d LM grabbed I popped over to the newly opened Okinawa New Year Festival which is different from the Okinawa Winter Festival. I’ll put the link to the Seraphim blog as well as the inworld LM so you can see the sort of interesting things you can buy and at a discounted price. Most of the stalls at this event do seem to have a little giftie out for us, lots of small wearables etc.  There is what looks like a really nice set of Argyle tights/leggings etc but sadly I can’t show you them because they’re Maitreya and system layers only.

PS.  If you go to the Okinawa event make sure to walk to the end of the corridor as you do turn left at the end into another one then another one and then a bit further on is a small Gacha event of older Gachas.

The shoes were so pretty although they were a recent blog post here they are again.  You find these in the Marchese Marketplace shop for only 1Ld and you also get them in black.

Wicca’s Wardrobe 

Seraphim (Pictures of the Okinawa Event).

Okinawa New Year Festival

Marchese (Marketplace Shop, Shoes)