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Too late! (10Ld Gift).

I forgot to a Poinsettia for my Dad, my Dad is a Christmas Grinch so every year I foist a bit of Christmas spirit on him usually in the form of a Poinsettia and yes every year he grumbles.  I didn’t forget to get him a decor item it’s just the plant I chose isn’t doing so well so I was going to sneak a Poinsettia in and run off before he could grumble even more at having 2 Christmas deccies foisted on him…bless his grumpy cotton socks.

Join the Teleporthub group, only 10Lds, and then TP over to Noble Creations to grab your own inworld Poinsettia’s.  You get 2 versions and each is only 2 prims and I shrunk one of them just to see if I can and I could and it does look like I can RIP them apart if I chose to…and you know I will.

PS. The Noble Creation is still a free group and on the reception desk you will find a very festive turkey plus some wearables and decor items.  I have previously blogged them and damn they’re good.

Noble Creations