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I’m sad.(Freebies).

I’m sad for 2 reasons I’ve finished my last Baileys and I don’t have these in RL.

I stomped my way back over to the “Holiday Shopping Event” which I’ve just done a post about, one of our readers pointed out that there are actually 5 not just 3 full sims of shops with just sweet discounts also some quality FREEBIES and these shoes from Ingenue are just gorgeous!

Called Cream and Rose. I do believe you get 3 mesh feet fits and knowing the Ingenue brand and looking at the picture I know a lot of their SLink shoes are for the med fit..which of course I have because I have all of the SLink feet.  Again they’re free so it does no harm to pick them up and even if you can’t get them to fit at 1 prim such pretty decor items.

The LM takes you close to the Ingenue shop but to get to it look for the Mossu shop on the corner then Apple May Design and next to that Ingenue and remember those shops will also have gifts.

Holiday Shopping Event