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Accessorise this.(10Ld & Free Advent).

This outfit screams for accessories, a set of pearls, a little pill box hat and of course a bag and I did try on some stuff with it but in the end, I couldn’t find just the right accessories, I did find a sh*t load of stuff that badly needs to be binned though.

The Advent Calendar at “AC” Applique Chic is free you don’t even need to join the group and this dress is NOT free but you can buy the old Advent gifts for just 10Lds and so I picked a number at random and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  A nice slightly old-fashioned dress and check out the MODESTY PANEL! That’s so sweet lol.

What got me to this shop was the Freebie they have out at the Redeux event which is a very nice sweater dress.  This dress, as well as today’s freebie, come in all the mesh fits so no matter what yours is you will find it.

PS.  I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten about the 25Ld tue list and in this shop, there is a lovely Christmassy/retro dress on offer.

Applique Chic