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Take Notes.(The Christmas Hunt).

The LM takes you to a place with lots of stands and each stand not only has Christmassy things for sale but each shop has hunt prizes for us to emm hunt out lol.  This isn’t a free hunt, the prices seem to range between 9-15Lds but as always with paid hunts each stall has a picture showing you what is in their socks and it’s up to you to pick and chose what you want.

The scarf and ear muffs were in the same prize and the jumper in another and each cost me 9Lds.

TBH it’s almost midday and I’ve not even had breakfast so I’m getting hangry and lethargic so I just grabbed the first 2 items I thought I could use but when I log in, fed and full of energy, I’m going to walk around the stalls and look at the pictures of the hunt prizes and maybe add some more goodies to my Christmas folder.

PS.  What little I did see there is a nice mix of decor, clothes and poses.

The Christmas Hunt Blog  (So you can see some examples of what’s on offer.)

The Christmas Hunt LM