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Bailey’s and Belle Epoque.(10Ld Hunt).

I’m on my second glass of Baileys which is probably why it took me so long to find some of the Baubles you’re hunting for at Belle Epoque.

There are a total of 20 Baubles and each costs just 10Lds and since this is a paid for hunt at the entrance to the shop is a picture to show you what is in each bauble so you can buy just want you want.

A really nice mix of some accessories and outfits so in this picture the headpiece, dress and basket each cost me 10Lds.  Heads up though because Belle Epoque doesn’t do SLink fits and everything I picked up only came in the 1 fit inc the shoes which are probably the Maitreya as that is the fitting favoured by Belle Epoque.

The basket comes with this nice pose but is actually just 8prim so a pretty nice decor item as well.

Belle Epoque