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It’s my fault.

I’ve been unpacking all the freebies from all the recent events and I’m TPing to the shops who have donated the gifts, ok especially the nice or interesting ones and that’s how I ended up at a shop called 7 Style.

Not a massive amount of stock but some interesting designs and I came across this jumper and thought oooo nice and a nice 80Ld price tag…can you see the boxes are being ticked here?

I think you can see why I was tempted but I didn’t read the dreaded “small print” on the poster because the 80Lds was just for the hud and I had to go back and buy the sweater/shirt combo separately. Since I had tried on the demo and loved its quirky peplum look I decided I’d buy the shirt as without it the hud is pretty useless.

You do get a really nice selection of colours for the sweater, 15 I think but only 3 for the shirt and that’s white, off-white and black so it’s a shame there wasn’t a little more variety.

So to cheer myself up I dug out my Sousaphone because I’ve never had the excuse to use it and now I do.

But once you know that it looks like the huds and clothing are bought separately then you know what the cost is going to be and this in the end only cost me 179Lds so we’re not talking a fortune here.  As I’ve said it’s not a big shop at the moment but there is menswear as well as some interesting new designs.

PS.  You can just buy the sweater/shirt without the hud and I think the demo is the colour you get, ie either white or off-white.



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