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Get used to this.(Freebie).

I swear I was just at the Alb shop just a few days ago (I checked my teleport history) to see if there was any new GG’s and on that visit I didn’t spot any and then today a shout out went out in the free groups for this brand new gift and as usual everyone TPed over so get ready to see this cute dress + bag + shoes in all the blogs.

I bet with even just the minimum of sewing skills this is a dress you could even make in RL.

Obviously, I’m not showing the bag, you get one with and without a pose. Now zoom in on the shoes and my legs.  The shoes are those “stacked” ones I usually don’t like but in this case, they’re not too “stacked” and the peachy cream colour is lovely but the addition of that light glittery pattern which goes up your legs just makes them even prettier.  A lovely addition not just to this dress but any “party” dress you may have.

I hadn’t spotted the advent calendar on my first visit either but did this time.  Won’t tell you what it is, a nice surprise for you, but I suspect it’s one that once the day is over you can’t get the old ones.  The other thing is the “delivery box” for the Advent gift is in itself rather cute and makes for a pretty decor item.

PS. Ignore the truck.

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