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The look of love.(Freebie).

Another heads up from one of our readers/friend sent me back to !g0 because it turns out one of the Advent calendar gifts, this wild bobble/hair set wasn’t fitting too well so instead of getting upset that people complained, I’m assuming someone did, especially when they have such excellent Advent gifts out they simply adjusted the settings so this bobble hat/hair is now mod AND FREE FOR ALL!

I swear I have a “Fangirl” face on in this picture but I just think that’s really just such good customer service and I am a total “Fangirl” of the !g0 range.

Keeping this short ‘n’ sweet as I’ve had a busy day working and my working day isn’t over.

This is on the stand with the Advent gifts but it’s a little board to the right of the stand, just click on it and it’s yours.

PS.  Today’s advent gift is a very nice muted grey skirt with little white Christmas trees on it.