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Give a little to recieve a lot.(Big Fat SALE).

Even if you don’t have an SL home you will know the Culprit range as it’s builds and decor are used by many shops and homes in SL but behind the brand is real people just like you and me, never too sure about Faith though!  As just like RL can be totally SH*TTY for all of especially when it concerns trying to get insurance companies to cough up it turns out that the owner of Culprit needs a new roof and in an effort to raise funds has SLASHED the prices across their whole range…OH HELL YES! TAKE MY MONEY!

This simple picture taken in situ is just to show you the absolute quality of their builds and this greenhouse, now in my invent, only costs 100Lds and although I can’t remember the prims they were more than reasonable.

I do have a problem though because I already own so many items from Culprit it’s actually hard to find something I either don’t already own or I wouldn’t really use but I’ve just scratched the surface and so far I have this building for 100Lds, an umbrella stand and a cute Gacha win but when I log in I’m going to search this sim from top to bottom for more goodies.

I have to mention that some of the builds are as little as 50Lds and yes I already own them and yes I paid FULL PRICE! So it hurts my miserly soul to see such bargains.


4 thoughts on “Give a little to recieve a lot.(Big Fat SALE).”

    1. I have no control! Apart from the decor items I bought that greenhouse AND a Villa, will I ever use the Villa of course not but we wants what we wants! Hope you find something you’ve wanted for a while.


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