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Todays !g0 Advent gift is this wrap over cardie.

Won’t bore you with the details because I want to log back in and trawl my way through the 25Ld tues list because I suspect it’s going to be a good un.  If you want the list then its the “25 Tuesdays Connection” group you have to join and each Tue a full list is put out and I will be starting it in 1, 2…now.

Special mention to the money-saving “Redelivery option”  The amazing car just behind me comes from a shop called “anhelo” and KNEW I had it but could I find it, nope no way,  no matter what I typed into my invent I could not find this car and I just wanted it as the final decoration for my home so finally I TPed over to the anhelo shop to rebuy it but right above the buy it board is the wonderful “Redelivery Board”..woo hoo not only saved me money but this car completes my Christmas deccies.

!g0 (50Lds to join the group).