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The “SMH” Hunt! (The Snowbound Hunt).

I totally take all the blame for being an idiot! I TPed over to “The Snowbound Hunt” to find that a lot of other people were also there which caused me a bit of lag which is my excuse for not noticing the boards.

This is the landing area and you can see around it are boards, you click on those and you’re sent a folder with the “key” ie pictures of what that particular shop had out as their hunt prizes.  You can also see that the baubles are colour coordinated to match the shop so the first board is for “Sweet things” and they have that purple bauble, next to that it’s the Entice shop board with the yellow bauble etc.

I wish I had known all of this when I did my first visit as I just bought a random selection of the baubles then TPed home and ended up with a few things I can’t/won’t use and even worse can’t pass on to anyone BUT that was my mistake NOT the event and now I know what to do when I go back.

I’ve managed to take a picture of the sim without a single bauble in sight but trust me they’re everywhere so even lousy hunters will be able to find them.

Remember, I think most things come with a price tag but there are freebies and I think the most expensive items are just 25Lds so lots of really nice stuff is to be found for not much at all.

The Snowbound Hunt.