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Still not mad!(35Ld Sat)

I’m working my way through the 35Ld Sat day list and picked this up from the Ambient shop.

It ticks all my SL and RL boxes.  From the colour to the fit it’s a winner and the price tag of 35Lds makes it even sweeter. There is a matching pair of leggings/bottoms/joggers? for the same price tag.  I was tempted but then decided against it as I have something very similar already.

There are a lot of fits, woo hoo, but no demo, however, have a look on the back wall as this top, with a hud, is for sale and if you click on that you can get a demo sent to you if you want to see it as is and on the wall to the right is the full priced bottoms if you want to try them on first.