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Before I bin it.(Freebies).

As always I’m trying to declutter my invent but before I chuck it I check it.  I check to see if I’ve not blogged it is it blog worthy, is it still out and as importantly is there anything new and it’s yes to all 3.

This little model isn’t a keeper for me not because it’s not cute and would make a really nice decor piece its the fact it is a rather ouchie 22 prims.  You may have the prims to take this little model into your heart and home…I don’t lol.

As you can see this is one of those random basic shops with a whole load of odds n sods, some you can’t see of some very random and weird things.  NOT everything in this shop is free so be careful what you click on but I did pick up a few other funnies which I will unpack later.

Sadly non-trans which is a shame because it would be a nice gift for someone.

So now I’ve shown this to you I can bin it with a clean conscience that I’ve finally shown it to you as to what you do with this info is totally up to you…no need to say “Thank You” 😉


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Playing with fire…ok Windlight. (Freebie).

I wonder what Faith thinks because often when she logs in she will see that yet again I’ve changed my mind and the windlight setting of our sim and so here is today’s windlight setting lol.

It might be a little bit on the dark side for pictures but it doesn’t matter because by tomorrow I will have changed my mind again.

I just wanted to show off a couple of freebies.  The shoes are one of the gifts from Reign, mocassin with a hud, check out recent posts for the details of those and of course, I’ve literally just done a post about this fab free sweater but the pants are new.

The sweater is on the “Sweet Intoxication” stand at the “The Black Friday Bazar Event”, check the last post for the LM, so of course, I’ve now popped over to the Sweet Intoxication main shop to check it out.  This sweater, remember this colour is free at the event, not the shop, is on special offer.  When you walk in look to the right and on the wall there is a few more of this ombre shade on offer for only 50Lds but there are a lot more other shades on the back wall of the shop and at the full price of 63Lds hardly bank breaking.

I’m almost finished rambling all I have left to tell you about is the jeans.  They’re the Group Gift in the Sweet Intoxication shop and they tick all the boxes.  Lots of fits, quality texturing, very wearable and although you can’t see it because I’m sat on my tush there is some nice detailing on the back, a zip and some light embroidery on the pockets.

Sweet Intoxication

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Not so “ugly” Christmas Sweaters.(Freebies).

Drat just as I was sauntering around the “Black Friday Bazar” event the call out went out in one of the Freebies groups and of course everyone TPed over so I decided to scurry off back home and just show you the 2 sweaters I got.

A really nice easy to wear sweater which comes in lots of fits.

This one has that fuzzy angora feel to it.

Sorry lacking on details because I TPed out BUT this event is what I consider a perfect event to be.  It’s big enough to be able to kill some time wandering around but small enough so you don’t seem to get lost and wonder if you’ve missed something.  A decent mix of clothing, shoes, decor etc, some really nice gifts, in fact, I think all of the stalls have a gift on them, and also in my case, LM’s for me to go check out the shops when I have time.  What I did miss is that there is a TP to a Demo area so when I’ve got time I’m going back to see what the demos are.

PS.  I didn’t buy it because I simply wouldn’t use it but on the Storax Tree stand there is an old-fashioned baby pram on Skis.  I did waste a heck of a long time wondering if I should buy it as a decor item on our sim because it was only 60Lds but then it got busy so I TPed out but check that stall out and you will see for yourself how tempting it was.

Black Friday Bazar

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And why not!(Freebies).

Blimey, I’m a bit overwhelmed with all the events and Black Friday bargains and in the end, so far, I’ve bought nothing.

So to take your mind off the bargains here is a completely random freebie.

I’m a “Dorayaki” which is a Japanese red bean pancake and I’ve actually made red bean paste but trust me it’s easier to just buy it lol..

When I went back to LM grab I’d forgot about this free dress.

It’s a very stylised dress with a fake and rigid look to it, pretty darn unusual and as soon as I put it and the shoes/stockings my first thought was Dominatrix/Futuristic/School Teacherish…you will know what I mean when you try it on.  Obviously, my editing has affected the colour of everything you see in the picture but the dress is black-grey depending on the windlight setting.

You get just the 1 fit of everything and I’ve literally Alpha’d myself from my neck down.  There is a selection of oddball gifts in the Blossom shop, I not only loved these 2 but also the Soft Scoop AV which has an adorable hopping AO to it!

What got me to this shop in the first place was an old hair freebie, which I couldn’t see anymore, but there are some interesting hair and pieces of furniture and decor items in this little odd ball of a shop…good fun.

PS.  I took this picture in a rental which is pretty darn amazing, just behind me is actually a sunken bath.  I can’t tell you much about it but I’ve left my AV there so when I log in I can check out these rentals properly and I might just rent it for a week as a break because at the moment our sim is sooo white I think I’m suffering from snow blindness lol.


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Read my mind. UPDATE!

One of our lovely readers and someone on my friend’s list, which is a very small and selective list, sent me this thought bubble, she’s a clever girl.

The message is just a REMINDER for me to remind you to go to Reign and join not only while it’s free but now I’ve had time to unpack ALL of the Group Gifts I say GO GO GO NOW.

I would also suggest you remain in the Reign group not only because at some stage it will go back to a paid for group but now I’ve also opened the old Advent Calendar gifts and seen some really nice/interesting and generous gifts it’s one of the shops I will be visiting when they put out this year’s Advent Calendar.


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Boardwalk Event

New items from Circa for you to take a peek at ! This is the “Great North Ice Fishing” Set. You get everrrrything in the photos – the trees, the frolicking deer, iced over pond, the shack and more ! It’s not hard linked – meaning you can move it around add and remove items – love that. Stuffed with great animations on the fishing stools and also inside the shack – you can even fish inside!

A few snaps from inside, sweet little heater to warm your fingers in front of, a couch for lounging and drinking hot cocoa and of course a table adorned with your catch –  all ready to be prepped. This event runs until the 15th December.

The Boardwalk Event

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So nice I got it twice.(Hunt Prize).

It wasn’t until I unpacked it that I realised I’d already grabbed this SL F& O (Second Life Frees and Offers) Hunt prize but for some crazy reason I didn’t do a post about it.

It’s UNISEXED…thats a shout out to Moz.

I’ve not done as much of this hunt as I had intended and I’m pretty sure you will have as it’s just one of the best at the moment.  Anyhow this is the gift from Exmachina. The place was very busy with people trying to find it, really easy to find, and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this prize.

Although I’ve played with the editing you might just be able to make out that this is yet another faked arms/hands in the pocket pose.  You get his ‘n’ her sizes and I have to say I’m wearing the smallest size.

This post also gives me the opportunity to put the link to the SL frees and offers blog as well as the direct link to the Exmachina shop.

SL Frees and Offers Blog (LM’s and HINTS!)