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A(nother) Hunt. (10Ld Prize).

This hunt is to raise money for a worthy cause, “Parkinsons Research”, and each prize comes with a 10Ld price tag.  No picture or anything to suggest whats inside of the prize but often you find the sort of shop it’s in gives you some sort of indication of what to expect ie a furniture shop won’t usually have a dress as a prize.

So, for example, this skirt/jumper combo comes from the Entice shop which is well known because of the clothes you can buy and the quality of those clothes so it wasn’t a shock to open it and find this really good outfit.  The colours have slightly changed in the picture but the purple skirt is the only shade I quite like which is a “royal” purple and the gold accents are really good.

What you’re looking for is a Christmas stocking and I think a puppy in a basket?  Also I did notice in the shop next to Entice that along with the Hunt prize there is also a freebie so there maybe freeness scattered around.  So this hunt has sorted out how I’m going to spend my lazy day off work.

Winter Festival & Hunt