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Yup, yup, yup.(Freebie).

I’m working my way through a list of discounts/special offers such as 36Ld Saturday, Steals and Deals which is how I ended up at “Dores Papillon Boutique” although I was tempted by some shoes I managed to control myself and just before I TPed out I spotted on the floor in front of all the special offers a black gift box with the magic words “Gift” over it.

I don’t do many undies but these, I think they are called “Ruby” but I’ve logged out now and I need coffee more than the name of them, are really, really nice. Sweet and simple, a very pretty colour with a light sheen and if I turned around you’d see a very nice sexy little lace up on the back of the panties. Enough fits for all I think.

Dore Papillon Boutique