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Playing with fire…ok Windlight. (Freebie).

I wonder what Faith thinks because often when she logs in she will see that yet again I’ve changed my mind and the windlight setting of our sim and so here is today’s windlight setting lol.

It might be a little bit on the dark side for pictures but it doesn’t matter because by tomorrow I will have changed my mind again.

I just wanted to show off a couple of freebies.  The shoes are one of the gifts from Reign, mocassin with a hud, check out recent posts for the details of those and of course, I’ve literally just done a post about this fab free sweater but the pants are new.

The sweater is on the “Sweet Intoxication” stand at the “The Black Friday Bazar Event”, check the last post for the LM, so of course, I’ve now popped over to the Sweet Intoxication main shop to check it out.  This sweater, remember this colour is free at the event, not the shop, is on special offer.  When you walk in look to the right and on the wall there is a few more of this ombre shade on offer for only 50Lds but there are a lot more other shades on the back wall of the shop and at the full price of 63Lds hardly bank breaking.

I’m almost finished rambling all I have left to tell you about is the jeans.  They’re the Group Gift in the Sweet Intoxication shop and they tick all the boxes.  Lots of fits, quality texturing, very wearable and although you can’t see it because I’m sat on my tush there is some nice detailing on the back, a zip and some light embroidery on the pockets.

Sweet Intoxication