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Before I bin it.(Freebies).

As always I’m trying to declutter my invent but before I chuck it I check it.  I check to see if I’ve not blogged it is it blog worthy, is it still out and as importantly is there anything new and it’s yes to all 3.

This little model isn’t a keeper for me not because it’s not cute and would make a really nice decor piece its the fact it is a rather ouchie 22 prims.  You may have the prims to take this little model into your heart and home…I don’t lol.

As you can see this is one of those random basic shops with a whole load of odds n sods, some you can’t see of some very random and weird things.  NOT everything in this shop is free so be careful what you click on but I did pick up a few other funnies which I will unpack later.

Sadly non-trans which is a shame because it would be a nice gift for someone.

So now I’ve shown this to you I can bin it with a clean conscience that I’ve finally shown it to you as to what you do with this info is totally up to you…no need to say “Thank You” 😉