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Worth it.(Hunt Prize & Info).

Popped over to Giz Seorn because I saw what their prize is for the SL frees and offer hunt (ends this Sunday) and I WANTED it soooo badly!  I almost clicked on every item of clothing because the hint is “Do you know Miley?” nope I didn’t but I do now.

Check out the prize.

The coat and dress are linked and I love the colour combo.  Can’t remember the sizes but it doesn’t matter because of the style.

Unsurprising there is a big Black Friday Sale event going on so the place was very busy and there is some really nice stuff.  Although I will say because I did price check a few things, even I was tempted, but the price tag did seem to be more than I had expected.  So I don’t know you get a refund sent or you have to be in the group etc or I’m just wrong and the prices have been changed to reflect the sale.


Drat, I went over to “West End”, a shop, as they have some tights/stockings/socks/pantyhose/leggings whatever you want to call them.  Maitreya only which is a shame as I would have found them very useful but since they’re only in the Maitreya Applier I can’t even try to show you but go check them out for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

Giz Seorn

West End

2 thoughts on “Worth it.(Hunt Prize & Info).”

  1. Been there too for the black friday sale, but the prices don’t seem to be reduced (or they are just expensive?). Same goes for Oubliette and some other shops I checked. They all say they’re having black friday sale starting at nov. 22nd (which is today! and the day is almost over) but none of them seem to have reduced prices. I guess the sale starts at friday nov.23rd after all and not the 22nd as they all claim.


    1. Thanks, I’m glad it’s not just me. Actually I’ve spotted this in a few place and I wonder if it’s because of a time difference? Anyhow, thanks again.


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