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Yup, the day has only just started in RL but I don’t wanna adult today!  Going to do the least I need to do in the adulting world and then hide from it.

Then I remembered I’d forgotten to mention that the Loordes of London gifts is in a new delivery box which is a collection of candles on a platter which makes for a really lovely decor item and that brings me to a shop called Pomegranate.

Go on guess which is the gift and which is the delivery “box”?  Of course, it’s the big red Pomegranate that is the delivery box and inside are 3 really cute fabric covered pumpkins and I love fabric pumpkins but to me that delivery box is looking like a Blueberry…err or rather a big fat Redberry so I’m going to be scattering these around the sim.

The shop “Pomegranate” is full of cushions, if you need a particular colour, texture to match your decor this is the place as there is so many to chose from and or rugs, lots of em.  I think there is also a couple of hunts but check out the “notice board” and if you click on the notice board you get sent info on how to add your picture and a free cushion as well.

Time to log off and adult for an hour and hopefully when I’m back inworld I will find an “ooh” outfit.  If you have to adult today…DO IT LIKE A BOSS!

Pomegranate (The gift is on the top shelf of the pumpkins)