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I’m H.A.P.P.Y.(Super Bargain).

As I mentioned in my last post the shop “Meander” didn’t sound familar to me and since they put such a really good freebie out for us ladies, check out my last post for details and LM, I decided that this morning I’d pop over and check out the main shop and I didn’t get far in before I caved in to temptation.

I love this coat and the price tag of 55Lds was also lovable.    I’ve edited the picture a bit so it’s the colour is a bit lighter than it’s shown in the picture but even at this bargain price still check out the demo, just click the demo tab on the Caspervend board.  This is a “Fifty 5 Thursday” offer and there are a couple of other discounted items to tempt you but not me because I’ve splashed out on another discounted item but that for the next post and a different shop.

I did notice as I was LM grabbing that there is a couple of hunts going on in this shop.

PS.  Sorry I was so pleased with this coat I forgot to even mention that there are a lot of Group Gifts for the Meander Group and it does come with a price tag of 50Lds, so check them out as they too are in the entrance of the shop.