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Never Fail! (Freebie).

I feel so bad that I’ve never bought from S@bba because OH Boy do I happily take the Free GG’s!

Occasionally on the sims I use as backdrops I drop a few Lindens into the Tip Jars that are set out, I doubt that the tips they get will go anywhere near covering their tier fee but I see it as a small “Thank You” for what they do and I promise when I go back to LM grab I’m actually going to buy something.  I might never wear it but Jury Gothly is always so regular with her GG’s that I feel it’s time for a bit of payback.

This “dress” I think can be worn as a coat just as easily as a dress.  The knitted shoulder/sleeve makes an unusual pairing and it’s a keeper for me.  1 size only but as always you can see it’s a pretty universal style.

UPDATE.  I’ve spotted that there is also another new GG which is a Halloween themed dress and if you’re wondering I splashed out on some of the Gachas in the shop kept some and I think you can guess what I did with the rest lol. OH and check out the 2 Lucky Boards because tomorrow you will see me standing there going through my notes and hoping to win.