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Nothing is Free.(Mention of Freebie, sorta).

Just like Faith I too had a day off, for good behaviour, and treated myself to a mani and brow shape and dye, so for once, I’m clicking away on my keyboard with pretty sparkly nails and on fleek brows which is only slightly marred by the tatty old slippers and the mark on my blouse which I suspect is a dollop of yogurt from my breakfast.

Then I suddenly realised it’s been a lifetime since I’ve found a decent skin so I kept my AV fingers crossed and popped over to the Lara Hurley skin shop and I don’t know if the “New” skin is new because sadly for me it’s a Catwa skin.

Since I can’t show you that skin I did pop on one of the old GG’s which is a Lelutka skin and you can pop over for yourself because I do know that quite a few of our readers are Catwa mesh heads.

I’m about 100% sure that none of her GG’s come with appliers but I love her skins so much I actually bought the applier and at that time it was only 100% for the SLink applier and for that, you get all the shades so basically it was a bargain or of course you could simply use your mesh body hud to get a skin match etc.  This was quite a while ago but I don’t think the prices have changed and I do know the Anna Hurley group is still a free one.

Sorry, the clothes I’m wearing were either bought or old gifts and are not available.  Logging off now to go change my top and make a big mug of coffee but I think when I log back in I’m gonna try to find myself a new skin…hopefully for free lol.

Lara Hurley Skins (The older GG’s are in the room behind the wall where the new GG is on).