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Save to spend.(New Mina).

As someone who takes pictures all the time, I LOVE hair and clothes that have a windblown look to them.

The hair, not the hat, is called Karen and this is one of the more dramatic windswept hair’s so not everyone will find it a wearable look for them, unless they too love to take pictures and in that case you will love this hair even more.  It won’t surprise you when I say that you need to check out her main shop not only because this is where you buy this hair but Mina also has a really lovely range of hairs that have a windswept look to them, some are very subtle ie a few strands across the face and one where it looks like you’ve stuck your finger in a socket so shop around first.

You will see the stand this hair is on is for something called “FaMESHed Go” which is relatively newish.  Buy this hair the same way as normal but if you want to check out the other brand new designs then grab the hud and you can scroll through their offers and using the Hud TP to the shop.

PS.  This hair cost only 300Lds and you get a massive 30 shades in each colour pack hud AND a styling hud which in this case will change the way your hair is flowing.

Mina’s Main Shop