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Just this.(Freebie).

Although I’ve had a really nice time hopping here and there and even indulging in a few spending sprees as for freebies I’ve not done too much until I ended back on the flawless sim and spotted the carts.

A quick zoom on the F&T cart and as soon as I spotted the strawberry I knew there was a hunt on and this is what that particular strawberry contained.

This star-shaped planter which is stuffed with plants and in the front you might be able to make out some mushrooms.  Although it’s blended into the background a bit that tree is also inc in this planter.  Perfect for a small plot and seasonal so very nice indeed and the icing on the cake is EDITABLE and you know I love ripping things down.  I’ve not started doing that yet so I don’t know how much I can break this down but when I log back in I will be checking out the rest of the carts for the hidden strawberries and then breaking this down.

UPDATE.  Although I’ve not checked all of the carts this was the only strawberry I could find so it might just be an old item from one of the previous strawberry hunts.  So not sure if you will find another freebie but plenty of discounts on those carts.  This planter can be broken right down which makes my heart sing.  I for one am always grateful when a seller allows this and it means that although handy there is no way I would use the planter as it is for my garden but because I can strip it down I’ve scored myself some fantastic plants for my garden and then, later on, I will pop over to the F&T shop to check out any winter planting.  I really should add the LM to their main shop which I might do later.

F&T Stall. (If the LM doesn’t take you to this cart it’s outside of the Entice Shop).

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  1. Hey Zan – you ought to check the other carts on the Flawless region – a lot of them have strawberries two with lots of cool free stuff.

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