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A simple post.(5Ld).

I’m working my way through my notices/notes but as soon as the one came through for a shop called Serenity Style I was off like a shot.

She has put out for sale her old hunt prizes for just 5Lds and I only went for this, and yet ended up picking not just a couple of the other old hunt prizes but then found myself in the outlet section and scored some Gacha wins.

Only 1 prim and even if you don’t have an SL family I find toys like this can make great decor items.

The Serenity Style group is free to join but I didn’t go looking for the GG’s but I am pretty sure there are some but I might add an update to this post if I look for them.

Serenity Style (outlet room is inside the gacha room)

Serentiy Style(5Ld old Hunt Prizes)