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I made a mistake.(35Ld Sunday Offer).

The only mistake I made was thinking this was a top and not the playsuit it turned out to be, no demo which is why I missed that but I’m not sad as it was not just such a bargain but so damned nice.

There is a whole wall at the back of the shop with discounts for weekly things ie 25Ld Tue and in this case, this playsuit is the 35Ld Sunday offer.  Check out the 70Ld Weekend sale which is a cute dress called “Lilee” it has the same sort of puffiness and folds as this top.  I didn’t buy it but it was tempting.

To get to Mystique you just walk from the LM to the shop BUT check out the TP there for the Bloom shop which only has a small selection of furniture as yet but from small things big things grow and there was a couple of pieces I was so tempted but by now you will guess I get tempted a lot but I’m learning to be hard and not actually buying esp when I know I have plenty of similar items.

Mistique & Bloom