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This is the problem!!!! (Freebie).

I logged inworld to get the “The Annex” LM, this way there is less chance of having a broken link, and as I was there I spotted a very nice potted plant and so, of course, I checked it out which has led me to a shop called Kazza and this or rather these 2 gifts.

Although I’ve grabbed the plant, 3 prims, I didn’t grab the red heart as I wouldn’t use it but that plant is deffo a great decor item.  As you can see I’ve just pointed and snapped them in the actual shop as I didn’t want to waste any more time, that free outfit needs to be snagged, so here is is as it is lol.

I know this shop reasonable well even though I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from here.  Am I the only one who can admire decor, clothing, landscaping and actually would never buy it because it’s just nothing something you would use?  Lots of small dioramas, as well as full sized pieces, of really lovely summery/beachy/dreamy furniture.

OK, I swear I won’t be distracted and my next post is a free outfit!

PS. Click and buy for 0Lds.

UPDATE.  I’ve rezzed the copy I picked up and the heart is linked to the plant but it’s easy peasy to edit it and that reduces that fab pot down to 2 prims or of course you can keep it as is or even use the plaque as a wall decor.