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I don’t care! (Freebies).

I was trying to get into The Arcade and somehow ended up at FaMESHed which turned out to be really good for me as check this freebie out.

I know Faith has already done FaMESHed and we don’t like to reblog other peoples blogs but I scrolled through her post and I didn’t see this freebie and since it’s a Kaithleen’s I thought “sod it” and went for it.  As you all know I LOVE Kaithleen’s clothes and if I was a clothes buyer in SL I would have her whole shop in my invent.

The event is still HEAVING and after a few minutes and a lot of clacking into other AV’s I spotted the stand with all the gifties out for us and fortunately, the first one I click on was this and woohoo my fit as well.

We have till the 27th so I’m bookmarking this for a return visit, not just to check out the rest of the freebies but I couldn’t even walk around the demo platform because you may have worked out by now I’m pulling a properly decorated house out and not the usual shell with some random stuff rezzed.

PS. Nothing else in the picture was a freebie from this event, you may recognise a couple of items and some are paid for etc


Seraphim Blog (So you can see pictures of what’s on offer at the event).