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The look of love.(Freebie)

I rarely go all hipster and drink overpriced, overrated cups of coffee and don’t even get me started on the calories of coffee and drinks from these overrated coffee shops, ok rant over. I’m not that mean because I do love my occasional visits to a small independent coffee shop which makes scrummy treats and everyone needs to treat themselves occasionally.

Damn, I hate this dress! It’s a great fit, a great texture, a great style and its FREE so why all the hate?  Because I will have to bin it, I hate it when a freebie is so good you really want to keep it but I have to be brutal and face the fact I probably won’t wear it again but I bet you lot will keep it.

It comes from Egoxentrikax and make sure to check out the rest of the shop as I spotted a helluva lot of really nice stuff.