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Glorious Autumn

I’m in full on Autumn mode can you tell??! Neve have upped my excitement levels with a really superb Autumn release called “Maybe” & “Double”. Fantastic that you can buy each item as a separate and jumble them up with your other gear – or of course wear them together. The colour palette for both will allow you to wear these all year round – anything from baby pinks, reds and the lightest of blues. I’ve donned some woolly tights for the occasion, perhaps a tad early – might save them for winter. You can grab these at the latest round of Uber – demo’s available ! Thanks Neve Team ❤


Cam shopping 1

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Get Hairy.(Hair Fair & Free Mina).

First the freebie, btw ignore my top as it wasn’t a freebie which is a shame.

But at least you can score this fab free hair from Mina’s shop/stall at the Hair Fair event.

UPDATE.  The “Lily” hair I’m wearing is the one I already own but when I went over to Mina’s shop at this event I spotted that this hair comes not just with a MASSIVE colour Hud but the colour are jaw-dropping so of course I grabbed it but the shade I’m wearing is not one of them.

You may have spotted this hair “Annie” in my past couple of pictures.  When I get a new Mina hair-do I like to wear it for a while just to work out what I think about it and I’ve thought about it and I LOVE IT! But believe it or not this hair and the one in the picture underneath is the SAME HAIR and it’s not just because of the different hair colour.
Annie comes with a “Style Hud” which allows you to change the fringe(bangs) from a sharp cut to the softer style PLUS the back of this hair is done in a French Pleat.  In the picture, I’m wearing the larger more pronounced french pleat so you can see it more as the other version is smaller and smooth against the head.  You will see what I mean if you try the demo out for yourself.  Although I’ve chosen 2 of the most unusual colours when worn in a classic brown, blonde shade this is an elegant updo but this blonde/ginger shade to me is just so good!  Mina does the best ginger hair shades in SL, she calls them “reds” though.

Again look at this shade and whats even better is how it brings out all the work that has been put into the details of this hair.

There is another hair in the Mina shop at this event and yes I have forgotten what that’s called but I do remember that both of these hairs are priced at only 300Lds which is now a standard price BUT what’s not standard is that each colour pack is a massive 30, yes THIRTY shades!  So in the brown pack, you get everything from a light brown to the darkest, the same can be said for the blondes etc.  Years ago before Huds were around I bought a Fat Pack from a shop, long gone now, and I had about 300 shades to choose from which sounds fab but 80% of those shades so almost identical! that’s not the case with Mina’s shade packs.

As Faith has said this for once seems to be a lag-free event and with freebies to be had a nice way to kill some RL time in SL but also think about buying something because a lot of these shops inc Mina’s are donating a percentage to a worthy cause called “Wigs for Kids” which I should imagine we have all heard of.

UPDATE.  I’ll put the link to the blog which shows you all that is for sale, I don’t know if it’s showing you any of the gifts though, it will save you so much time.


Mina’s Main Shop.(as always for you to try the demo out for yourself).

Mina@The Hair Fair(I don’t think the LM will take you directly to her shop so veer to your left and it’s the far row of shops, second one up and so easy to find when you’re there)

Hair Fair

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Free hair that I <3

Ok so I come across quite a lot of free hair – I rarely keep any of it but then I came across this gift from No.Match at the hair Fair. Oh gawd I adore it, so feminine and cute – great colour selections for the hair and the hair pins. Actually I really enjoyed the Hair Fair this year. No lag, and heaps of new-to-me designers, and of course – a ton of gifts!

I liked my free hair so much I headed over to the No.Match store and bought myself a new “do” – $200L a colour pack – not bad eh? This is “No Time”, colour packs and a hud for the band (would’ve liked a few more colours for the band if I’m entirely honest) Its sweet and great for all year round.

Hair Fair

No.Match hair

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Demo this.(Freebie).

I’m having fun checking out old LM’s and old shops I’ve not visited in a long time and that’s how I ended up back in a shop called Kiwi.

I’d spotted a wall of this design but in so many colours I couldn’t make my mind up which one I liked best so in the end I just grabbed the demo just to make sure it would fit and when I put it on I spotted that this “demo” is a WEARABLE DEMO, Woo Hoo because not only doesn’t have any demo signs/texturing on it but also when I logged back in today I was still wearing it so it looks like it doesn’t even have a time limit.  I love finding wearable demos it’s a bit like finding a fiver in your jeans or pound coins down the back of the sofa it’s rare but when it happens it makes you smile.

Now that some time has passed I’m about 99% sure I have blogged this skirt before and the fact that it comes in just the standard mesh fits with an alpha suggests to me that it was years ago but it sure as heck has stood the test of time so much so I went back and I’ve just bought the same skirt but in a lovely green shade for only 55Lds.

Kiwi Mainstore (Back of the shop, easy to find)

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Gotta love a SALE.(Discount, bargains and some Freebies).

A big Thanks to Improlibra for the heads up about the “retirement sale” going on at Serenity Style and now I’ve finally got my paws on the sewing box I’ve wanted for ages (bottom right hand in the picture) and since most things are dirt cheap ie 5, 10 and a few items are 15Lds I didn’t hesitate to treat myself to more.  I did also spot a few freebies but I’ve forgotten which ones they were.

Amongst all that stuff is a wardrobe, ground cover leaves, chair swings, bench, picnic suitcase etc and I can’t wait to get inworld and unpack the lots.  I do know I didn’t pay more than 5 or 10Lds for an individual item. The place was busy, unsurprising, but not laggy but I will be going back to make sure I haven’t missed anything else.

PS.  Thank you, we only got a light blasting but my poor Lilac tree is looking worse for wear!

Serenity Style

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Since when?????(Freebies).

I get so many notices/notes etc I miss so much so when the F**K did one of my fav shops changed to a FREE GROUP?  I’m talking about Kaithleen’s of course.

This gown is, of course, one of the gifts, you only get one shade of the dress but a nice big hud to change the colour of the ribbon.

Same for this dress as it’s only the belt you can change.

The shrug is a separate gift to the dress but this one does come with a really nice colour hud so that’s a treat. The dress ‘n’ panties are in the same pack but not only do they come as separates but with the panties, you have a whole load of colour options in the same hud that allows you to change the colour of the ribbon.  I do believe one of the other gifts that I didn’t pick up might also be a pack of very handy panties….trust me now I know there are lots of mesh body fits I’m rushing back for everything.

As for my backdrop, yes yet another building but I needed it I’m not sure why I needed it but I did and for only 188Lds I bought it.

I got it from the Collabor88 event and it’s from Barnesworth Anubis.  I’m pretty sure this is an updated version of one I already have as it’s called “Delux Paris Penthouse 2.0”.  Comes in a handy rezzer, with lots of rooms inc bathroom, kitchen, entrance hall and a stunning 3D surround if you want.  As always a full version of this is up on the demo platform.

PS.  The

Seraphim (For pictures and LM for the Collabor88 Event).


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Wrapped up for $1L !

Another Halloween find – this time from iS and just $1L. Maitreya, Slink and Slink Hourglass fits included. The arm bands are optional btw. Im getting a bit jumpy as the season of ghouls and ghosts approaches as Zan tends to hide revolting things in my SL home ! I seem to recall a severed horses head under my bed one year – shes so thoughtful. Might get my revenge – you never know ! (Ideas on a postcard please)

iS dress