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SL reality.(0-15Lds Apples for Teacher Hunt).

This is my SL reality.

I betcha wondering what’s up with this picture, if you look in the background I’m rezzing houses to see which one I want to move in for Winter, yes I know I’m early but I get so little time to decor a house out I thought I would start early but the other thing I do is I simply delete my old house leaving all the decor just hanging there waiting to be sorted through and decide whats to be packed away and what I will move into the new home.

Anyhow ignore the bag and just look at the coat, for the moment that is. I knew this hunt prize was going to fit even if it didn’t come in my size.  I’ve taken the picture in my Nams setting as that’s what I use when I want to see things as they are and I only change back to the Windlight setting so the whole sim looks atmospheric and pretty.  This prize cost me I believe 15Lds and is one of 4 you will find in the Entice shop.

If you don’t have a budget then you might want to check out Tori’s Style shop because the apple there cost you nothing and in it is a very handy strappy top which some interesting colours in the hud normally it would be a keeper for me but I want WOOLIES and SNUGGLIES, not summery stuff but I’d totally recommend you get it and not just because it’s for free, and comes in ooodles of fits.

If you do have some money to spend and you like the bag it’s a Gacha win from one of the shops involved in this hunt. I do actually like bags and so for 40Lds I thought I’d give it a go.  Comes with a wearable pose, used, but I’m hoping it’s low enough to be used as a decor item.

If you want the full list and pictures then go to the Entice shop first and click the board and you will be sent it.

Entice (Yes there is a board for you to click and the note with all the Links/pictures etc are sent to you.)

Mockingbird (Hunt prize and the bag Gacha)

Tori’s Style(Tank Top, not shown).