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Autumns Golden Gown

Ah yes the best time of year is upon us ! Zan and I always get dead excited re-decorating our sim and thinking ahead to cooler times and snuggly sweaters. This new round of The Creative Spark is just superb – lots to get your juices flowing for the home! This is from FlyingArts, The Old Water Tower. As a standalone piece its brilliant, low Li and really nicely detailed. Howeverrrr it also has poses, heaps of them ! I’m going to leave this out on our sim as the plants around the bottom that creep up towards the tank are just beautiful and its my first new Autumn item! You can grab this for just $75L during this round of TCS – thats a 50% DISCOUNT !


2 thoughts on “Autumns Golden Gown”

  1. I had to go and get this! Although i was initially put off by the somewhat ramshackle, hithery-thithery lay-out, i’ve purchased some great items from this store (over several visits) and even found some pretty decent hunt prizes! šŸ™‚


    1. I agree it isn’t the “standard” store layout ! The hunt prizes are always great and I really enjoy the simplicity yet prettiness of some of the items. Glad you liked it !


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