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I hummed and I hawwed and the gave in.(3ld Skirt)

The more I looked at this skirt the more I’m pretty sure I/we have blogged it but I scrolled and scrolled through our old pictures and then I got a cramp in my finger so sod it here it is, again maybe.

The skirt only comes in a Maitreya fit but it’s a really good fit for me and apart from a small breakthrough at the hem at the back it’s a nice snug fit and I did use my Alpha to blank out the breakthrough and apart from a thin like it again was pretty wearable and so it’s going straight into my “trash” lol.  The only reason I will be trashing it is simply that I’ll be working my way through all my folders and binning all my beachy clothes.

This one costs only 3Lds and there are other equally as cheap items, I grabbed a rather interesting cardi for 1Ld but that wasn’t wearable for me also if you slap the sub-board a nice body con dress will be sent to you for free and if you’re already subbed to Gato but haven’t received this dress then just unsub, ignore the sobbing, and resub and it will be yours..

PS. Again I almost forgot something, you can see that there is a peplum at the front and at the back this peplum is more pronounced and is just really good.