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It’s just a funny.(Freebie).

A fun time mooching in SL but not a lot to show for it so before I log off and go do something else, sadly nothing exciting just clean the bathroom, do the dishes and have my third cup of coffee this morning etc and then I found this.

It’s an Omega, gimp suit?  Yes, it’s definitely time for that third cup of coffee and a break and hopefully, I will come back with some clothes to go over this outfit lol.


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Blink and you will miss it.(Freebies).

In the end, I didn’t buy any new planting because I just want to check out all my fav landscaping shops before I rip up the old and plant the new.

This dress is in one of my fav colours, Teal, and has an excellent fine lined texture to it.  Just really nice.  You will find this and other freebies in the “I.M. Collection shop but the I.M.Collection group isn’t free to join however I think it was only 50Lds and you will see that some of their GG’s are other snuggly winter wear clothes.

I.M. Collection

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Just a quickie, just the brolley.(Freebie).

I love umbrellas in RL and SL and so finding this rather good one in a shop called “Spell” was just the icing on the cake for this mornings cheapie/freebie hunting.

Not only is it so pretty but so wearable because it comes with this holding pose in it and even when you’re walking it holds the pose so this is me just using my standard AO.  I just grabbed this I didn’t even pay much attention to the other freebie.


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A big fat thank you. (10LD The Wash Event).

Sometimes when I find something is not only copy but MOD! My little heart skips a beat.  I don’t know if this is the seller being generous or an oversight but it can often get you more sales in the end.  For example, there was another landscaping item which I really would have liked but because it was linked and I didn’t want the other things it was linked to I didn’t buy it.

As you can guess by now this IS copy and mod but not only that check out the texturing!  Taken in my sim setting I think you can really see this is just great quality and at 10Lds a blinking steal!

I will actually also be rezzing some in that plant pot as well as it’s a perfect colour for the changing season.

But when I removed the pot and shadow it means the flowers and stems are only 1 prim.  There is the same plant but in a pink colour and some carnations in vases, some picture and actually I also bought the really cute bag from this stall but only to see if I could use it as a really nice decor item but it turned out to be 60prims so too primmy for me to use as a decor item but at only 10Lds I didn’t mind taking the risk and of course if you do like to wear bags in SL then I think you will like them.

UPDATE.  Of course this plant looks so fab it’s from “T-Spot” which is a full perm gardening shop and I’ve gotten many a plant from here as you don’t need to be a shop owner to buy goods from here.  I’ve left my AV stood in front of the NEW items board and once I’ve taken a break I will be back and shopping

PS.  As you can see from the title this is from “The Wash” event which when it first started was a case of everything on the carts was only 10Lds but over time the prices did creep up and although everything was still a bargain you had a mix of 10, 20,50Lds items now it’s reverted back to only 10Lds and as always a real mix of clothes, shoes and decor items to be found.

Dark Knight Decor(@The Wash)

T-Spot(full perm garden centre)

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I call this pose.(Freebies).

This pose I call “Ooh my broken neck!”

This one is my “smelly armpits” pose.

And this pose is “that works”, one day I must work my way through the THOUSANDS of poses and just clear out the ones I can’t work with.

I’d TPed over to check out a shop but it’s moved and instead, I landed in the Craze LTD shop and found these freebies.

The green dress comes in lots of fits and a nice colour hud and the pink one come in just this shade but also with shoes, nope I had enough probs with the poses and I can’t face doing the shoes lol.

I could hear the music of lucky chairs in the distance but since I’ve done “reblogs” I wanted to get something new out for a change so I didn’t go and check out where they are.

Craze LTD

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I’m not sorry.(Freebies).

I, like everyone else, as soon as I logged in and read a note saying that there is a new GG out at Hilly Haalan TPed over and as I was flailing about over a crowd of AV’s grabbing it I remembered that Hilly Haalan also keeps her old GG’s out and so once I’d grabbed the new I went hunting for the old.

Since I’m not showing you the new and if you don’t see it posted anywhere else let me tell you it’s bright, bold texturing in so many fits and totally shop quality but way too summery for this Autumn girl so I will leave it as a nice surprise for you.

I think this was last years Autumn gift from Hilly Haalan’s and although you only get 2 shades, this and a grey, and 1 fit I think you can see it’s a great colour and a style that will fit everyone.

All of Hilly’s gifts are shop quality and although some are now showing their ages the room they’re kept in is packed and you should easily find a whole load of wearables.

I forgot I had these boots so it was a great reminder to dust them off to start using them again.  Lots of sizes and a small hud but it’s this dark brown floral shade which again is perfect for the next season.

So remember there IS a NEW Freebie at Hilly Haalans and make sure to check out the GG next to the newest one as although I know I didn’t show it to you Faith might have or we didn’t blog it at all and if you need a long classic evening gown it’s perfect.

PS. To find ALL of the freebies/group gifts turn around from the LM and you will see a small stand alone shop which is packed with all of the old Group Gifts.

PPS.  That’s my new trashed greenhouse, not free, as I always say if you see something in the background or worn never hesitate to drop either I or Faith a note or leave a comment and we will let you know where it came from.

Hilly Haalan

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Just a quickie.(Freebie & Mention of more Freebies).

Coco Designs has a new GG out and it’s this↓↓↓↓.

Top only.  The nice touch is that the choker bit is separate so you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to.

As always and I really am sorry because I do repeat things an awful lot but then again any new readers might not know this or people who already do know just need a reminder and in this case on the GG’s wall is a whole load of old GGs.

PS.  If you’re wondering about the background it’s a shop that is “under construction” which means I completely ignored the signs and walked back in and going just by the quality decor I have high hopes when it’s stocked it’s going to be really good.

UPDATE!  Go to Osmia for pants, in many colours as they will match this new top, also the other GG’s are excellent esp the “basic” body suit which is most certainly NOT basic!  Chances are you already have these gifts as I have previously blogged them but I just thought I’d add this bit to the post.

Coco Design