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I left it in.(Freebie).

My MoJo has left me this morning, I blame it on the fact I’ve run out of milk so I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee and trust me no one likes me until I’ve had at least 2 cups!

I did find a really nice freebie and then I broke it, only in SL can you break clothing, anyhow I might go back and get a new copy of that but I’d also decided to pop over to the On9 event and found this.

The dress comes in 2 colours, this light pink/blush colour and a bright red and with the red dress, you can see more clearly the sheerness of the sleeves and the top half is sheer lace as well.  Not tarty sheer but sexy sheer.  It comes in a “1 size fits all” and it’s a pretty good fit.  I decided to leave in the texture break at the hem and not try to edit it out because it is what it is.  I think that breakthrough is just a fact of SL Life and the lovely sleeves and colour make up for a common enough “flaw”.

PS.  If it wasn’t for my love of buildings/houses I wouldn’t have found this as it’s actually in there.