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The Struggle Is Real! (Vouchers).

One of the places I visited this morning is a shop called Addams and it’s HEAVING!  Packed solid with so many AVs some are stuck being fluffy pink clouds but I struggled, lagged and bitch slapped my way from the LM to the shop to try to work out what is the cause all of this mayhem and greed and it turns out Addams is now 4 years old….Happy Birthday, Addams.

(Yes, I just cammed and took a picture of the poster in the shop).

I know you have to join the Addams group but that’s a piffling, my new word, 19Lds and then you have to loiter with the rest of fluffy pink clouds and then Voila you get sent 3 coupons!  Sorry as it started yesterday so that only leaves today and tomorrow are the last days and I don’t actually know how much each coupon is worth but I do know I need new shorts and we do have till the 26th to return to use those coupons.

So don’t delay and lag your way over to Addams I don’t think we will be disappointed when we finally get around to cashing them in.

PS.  They are Group Gifts but they’re as old as Addams (can you hear me meowing?)

UPDATE…because I read and then C&P the note and so you can read the important bit before TPing in.

TP to Addams Mainstore and click the poster by the entrance
► You MUST be wearing your Addams Group Tag in order to receive your gift
► When you touch the poster, you will be given a folder with Addams Discount Coupons. Each will have a discount value for you to use on Addams vendors IN STORE ONLY [between 5-50%]
► DO NOT accept any offers and coupons of other avatars, only accept from the poster or Miglena Mills.
► VERY IMPORTANT, after receiving the coupons of the day, wear it (NEVER rezz on the floor – this may cause you to lose coupon) to activate them in the Addams store.

2. How to use

1) CLICK Poster to receive coupons
2) ATTACH the coupon and an amount will appear on it. This will be your discount (anywhere from 5-50%)
3) BUY your Addams item that you have chosen
4) CLICK on Coupon – It will ONLY say Apply Now AFTER you BUY the item
5) Your discount amount will get refunded to you


4 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Real! (Vouchers).”

  1. It sure is nice to get a discount, but I prefer an actual group gift that is totally free (except group join). With these coupons you still have to buy something and in my opinion it’s much more fun to get something for free and from the owner it is much more generous to give away an item for free. I joined Addams group when this store was new and they still had “real” group gifts, but that changed soon with these coupons as group gifts or other occasions, so I left the group. For the store owner it is no biggie to give a discount and this way the owner still makes a profit while the customers “think” they get a gift. This way the Addams owner never has to give something away for free and that is just being cheap and greedy. Store owners giving real gifts are more generous! and that is much more sympathetic in my opinion.


    1. Hi there – I thought your reply for a while before responding – just in case you think this is a knee jerk response. I think what a few people loose sight of is that store owners don’t have to give “anything” – no discounts, no gifts, nada ! I can see your point that yes, it is very generous to give a free gift with no strings, however it is just as lovely to receive a way to buy items from them with a discount. If you’re a customer of their store (and otherwise why would you be in the group?) then they are allowing you to purchase their items at a lower cost than you would normally pay – win right?!

      I think it is a “biggie” for a store owner to give a discount – its less money for them and their work. We don’t know their situation or how they may depend on this small stream of income (and believe me it IS small unless you’re a really huge brand!)
      Have a great day and thanks for reading and contributing
      Faithless B.


      1. You do have a point. I agree a discount for group members is really great. Don’t get me wrong, I never said that a store has to give away group gifts. I just think an actual gift is more generous than a discount. I don’t think a discount is less money for the store owner. With a discount they sell a lot more and this way even earn more money.That is just how I see it.
        Btw…congrats on your anniversary!

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