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I swear the title of the post has nothing to do with footie!

Vanity shot as this bikini gave me the perfect excuse to pop back to this fantasy sandbox I did a post about recently.

This bikini looks like a good fit doesn’t it but again the picture lies.  As it happens it’s not a bad fit for my SLink at all and there are lots of other sizes I think it’s a winner.  You do get 2 versions in the pack, this bikini and a full swimsuit which I didn’t think I could get to fit my SLink physique shape…but I didn’t even bother trying lol.

This is the gift from “The Make Over Room” event and you will find it on the little dresser.

The Maker Over Room

1 thought on “Scored!(Freebie).”

  1. Outfit and skybox are awesome. After China Sandbox this one’s going to be my new favourite.
    Incidentally, mention of ‘litter tray’ inevitably crops up in my ever-changing AFK auto-response. I figured it’s something to which we all can relate. A bit like eating and sleeping, except not? 🙂

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