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Perseverance pays.(Freebies).

Yes, I’ve been SLing my life away today but I was determined to find quality freeness and I think I’ve done it….but you may disagree lol.

“Salt” was literally going to be the last shop I visited before I logged off and although I am truly grateful for all gifts and freebies set out for us not all of them “sing” to me but check this most unusual outfit.

You don’t actually get a SLink fit for this but you can see it’s an easy to wear outfit.  You do get a hud to change the lacy dress and you can change all the bits of it which you can see by the different shades I’ve chosen.  Love those oversized buttons etc.  If I hadn’t run out of SL time, yup I do like to go to something else even when it’s an off work day lol, I would have liked to have shown you the other gifts as there is a sparkling dress which came in a mix of fits and a rather stylised outfit that although was for Maitreya actually fit me pretty well but the clock was ticking in the background and so I will leave them as hopefully nice surprises for you.


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