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Moving in.(Freebies).

I evicted the Elf and moved some basic furniture into my new rental.

TBH at 50Lds I might actually rent it for a couple of more weeks just for shitz n giggles.

Now for the Freeness.

I can’t remember the sizes of this new Entice gift but I do know it doesn’t contain my SLink fit, however, it’s not actually a bad fit for all that.  You get a small hud as well.  You find this new one in the main entrance but head towards the back of the shop, behind the glass case with the Unicorns in it, and there is the Lucky Boards and other GG’s which aren’t very new but this is new to me.

I don’t just love the fact it comes in all fits inc my own but look at that texture and the contrast of the dress and bow.  Really nice and different.

Make a note of the LM even if you’re not interested in these freebies, but remember there are others there you might not have seen before, but tomorrow on the Flawless sim, the one Entice is on a cart sale starts and I did spot Strawberries which suggests to me from past experience that with the bargains on each cart there will also be a Strawberry hunt.  Not 100% but pretty sure thats whats happening and tomorrow I will be checking it out for sure.


2 thoughts on “Moving in.(Freebies).”

  1. Thanks for the location link! That’s such a good idea for me, renting one of those and then temporarily rezzing bits & pieces of furniture & furnishing for pictures, etc. And so cheap! Also (and this is prolly just me) I really don’t like unpacking boxes or trying things on in my actual SL homes – IKR, i can’t explain it either, it’s just a “thing” i have – and always like to have somewhere i can use as a kind of changing room. These little rentals are perfect for that!

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    1. Snap. Also I think that when you’ve rented your own little place in SL it’s just nice to have somewhere to plonk your AV to give you time to think, plan, unpack etc. Plus the price and prim allowance more than reasonable AND I’m going to assume you should be able to rezz in some of the areas of interest as when you rent you get a notecard with all the LMs.


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