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Oh wow – Eight Years !

Blimey O’Riley , this blog has been going for over EIGHT years now ! I was chatting to one of our readers (that sounds posh doesnt it) earlier today and she said she had been reading the blog on and off for quite some time – which got me thinking – “how long have we been doing this”?! So…I checked…and yup – its just over eight years.

In those heady days of sculpted clothing,flexi, and prim builds we girded our loins and rampaged through Second Life looking out for things to show you – free things, funny things, weird things – and we still are ! These days of course its Zan and me, we used to have Steve who was pretty good eye candy I have to be honest. However, he left SL and headed off to seek his fortune in the big wide world.

Zan and I work really well – the occasional bitch fight over covering stuff , or a note-card saying “back off biatch” etc… She loves the weirdest things – but pulls it off with aplomb , I’m your standard Barbie doll Second Life kinda chick – safe & sane at all times. But…it works and here we are – eight years! Thanks for reading the ramblings, putting up with not always the best pics and for not grumbling when we get a landmark wrong!

Without YOU..its really for nothing ❤

Faith xxx


7 thoughts on “Oh wow – Eight Years !”

  1. You are both doing a great job! Been reading your blog for about 8 years now too and most of the time it’s the first thing I read while having my morning coffee. Sometimes it’s hilarious, I love both your sense of humour. At other times it had a more serious touch, but it’s always something to look forward to. I came around so many shops and places thanks to you gals. Keep up the good work and I’ll be watching you from across the north sea xx 😉

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  2. Well I haven’t been reading the blog as long as IMPROLIBRA1 has but I’m enjoying it all the same. I appreciate the Brit sense of humour! And also when Zan finds something nice for me 🙂 Here’s to the next 8 years heheh… Cheers!

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