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I found it.(Hunt Freebie).

I actually went to the “Fukin Cute” shop to see if there were any freebies etc and also to check out the 35Ld offer (a really nice pair of denim shorts but I didn’t buy them) and I saw a sign on the wall for the “Siren’s Song Hunt” and as soon as I saw the prize  come Hell or high water I was gonna find it and obviously I did lol.

Sporty clothes are a bit like my shoe/hair addictions.  One day I will have to go through the folder containing all of the gym clothes I’ve picked up and bin em but until then I will be tucking this bra top and joggers in with the rest.

They come as separates which is good and you may also notice that in this picture I am wearing an additional mesh bit which although does add that extra something to the look I’m glad you do have an option.  There is a hud but it just changes the wording on the side from this rudie message to a non rudie message.  Sooooooo many size so no problem there.

What you’re looking for is a “Sand Dollar” and once you know that it’s easy.  This hunt seems to have male/female and unisexed prizes and in fact there is also a sports/casual outfit for men as well and it looks pretty good.

The link to the hunt blog doesn’t give the name of the shop but you do get the hints and LM’s so that’s even better.

Fukin Cute

Siren’s Song Hunt Hints & Tips Page


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