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Porridge for brains. Lesson 101.

I decided to have a lovely lie in and wake up slowly and leisurely, glowing with the extra sleep and feeling refreshed and ready to go…the reality is I woke up with sh*t for brains, my bedding trying to strangle me, sweating like a pig (it is very hot here at the mo), hair like a fright wig, breath that can kill and 2 cats sat on my bed planning on my imminent death if I don’t get up to feed them….deffo not an Instagram moment.

Now I’ve managed to chug my second cup of coffee, showered etc I checked out this weeks FLF offers, link to the Seraphim blog where you can see the pictures and LMs, and I just had to log in to grab a couple of those and one of the items is the eyebags from “izzies”.  As I was reading the note that came with them I had an “oooh I didn’t know that” moment so here is the info the card gave me which I wish I had known a while ago before I started binning all the stuff that I couldn’t use.

“As you may have noticed the system layers included are now labeled with mesh head brands. Please don’t delete them, since you will need those in the future when BakesOnMesh gets introduced. BakesOnMesh is a new feature that will come to SL which allows system layers to show on mesh body parts that have been set up for BakesOnMesh. Every kind of system layer (skin, tattoo, clothes, alphas, eyes etc…) when worn will apply to your mesh body/head just the way as system layers show on classic avatars. They will behave the same way as system layers on classic avatars with all the benefits, such as no more alpha glitching, less lag and layering! You will be able to wear up to 62 layers at once that will get baked onto a layer of your mesh body part. That means no more worrying about if you wear makeup A you might lose makeup B \o/more infos about BakesOnMesh:”

So if like me one of the ways you clear the clutter is by deleting the appliers you can’t/don’t use STOP IT!

Bye, for now, cos it’s late I have work to do but I hope this is of a big help.

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2 thoughts on “Porridge for brains. Lesson 101.”

  1. I think BakesOnMesh will be very useful especially if (like me) you have the avatar head still and a Mesh body. At least favourite skins will all match up now!


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