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Not today SL not today!(Freebies).

Wow although the sun is struggling to break through the haze today is going to be one of the hottest days in the UK so that means 2 things, I won’t be SLing and I will be scaring the neighbours as I bare my pale flabby corpse flesh to the sun.

But before I shut my computer down for day here is a marvelous freebie from Scandalize.

Yes, I’m showing you the behind shot first and why not.  The little hoodie has a scrunched up bum flashing cheekiness to it.

Just as pretty from the front.

Since I’m not logged it I’m gonna try my best to remember but I’m 100% sure you get 2 shades of pink this one colour version and an ombre one.  Lots of sizes as well which makes up for the fact that one of the other excellent outfits for free only come in limited sizes.  This is a bikini(?) top and bottom set and a pair of matching shoes which do come in my size and I do believe they’re in the same floral summery pattern as the bikini set.

Scandalize is not a free group, I think it’s only 100Lds though and if you go in the shop and check the wall out behind the reception desk you will see you get loads of amazing Group Gifts so if you haven’t joined yet check the wall out as that 100Lds is a small investment BUT this and the other gifts are on the wall just at the entrance and are FREE for the “Vanity Event Group” and the group invite is right there where these gifts are.

Scandalize (At the entrance)

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    1. I hate to admit it but guess what bit of my body I burned? The soles of my feet!!! Think about it when you’re facepalming the ground tanning your behind you have the soles of your feet facing the sun. Getting better now and it wasn’t as bad as the time I sunburnt my armpits, lesson learned never fall asleep in the sun with your arms above your head!

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