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One of those days ! Update – Both boxes gone!

I’m hobbling at the moment – got an infected foot ! Poooor old meee huh lol. I think I’m just going to sit around in the sun, wistfully thinking about ice cream and cocktails ! Anywayyy I’ve had a little sort out in my inventory (don’t ask its size!) and I’ve got another box of “stuff” set out for free at the Pure Cafe – all sorts, from hair to backdrops and anything in between. There is another box containing the skirt and matching top from !Go – in the latest round of Shiny Shabby – dead excited – didn’t like it on pfffft. Drop by and grab them if you like


Faith ❤

Pure Cafe

3 thoughts on “One of those days ! Update – Both boxes gone!”

  1. And this is how you can tell we live at other ends of the UK I’m freezing my T*ts off worrying about the leccie bill and you’re sunning yourself thinking of ice cream and cocktails!


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