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WTF!(Freebie but be quick).

“WTF” it’s not only sunny and hot BUT a BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND for us in the UK and traditionally bank holiday weekends are cold and wet and so to get such amazingly good weather is a rare treat and trust me I’m enjoying it to the full, which is why I’ve not posted for a couple of days.

I’ve been in the garden in my cossie trying to tan the bits of my body they never usually get daylight let alone sunshine on them but now I’m glad I decided to drag my now over heated and boiled lobster coloured body in because I spotted this Freebie from Entice.  This is a quick gift, so go no, to celebrate “Cinco De Mayo” which is a Mexican celebration of their victory in a major battle with France, and yes I did have to google it.

You will find this suit in all the sizes just on the reception desk, as well as every other AV cos damn that place was busy.

PS.  I have this same(ish) outfit which I PAID for, yes you read that right, but the one I have comes with lighter summery textures in a hud and I didn’t have time to rummage in my invent but I’m 99% sure it’s still there as it was one of my “goto” outfits so if you like the look of this one then check the shop out to see the other textures on offer PLUS in the back of the shop is also other GG’s but I didn’t have time to check them out.


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